If you are a new merchant on Clickpay, this handy guide will help you to start accepting payments within your business with Clickpay .

With 7 steps you can go live with your account

  • Step 1 - Create a Clickpay Account
  • Step 2 - Understand your Dashboard
  • Step 3 - Finish Your Onboarding Process
  • Step 4 - Prepare yourself to Integrate your system with Clickpay. 
  • Step 5 - Create something beautiful
  • Step 6 - Testing the Integration and Troubleshooting any Issues
  • Step 7 - Going Live

Please click on each title below, to be redirected to a more detailed solution article that will guide you with fully detailed steps

Step 1 - Create a Clickpay Account

-Experience the power of the Clickpay payments platform by creating your free account now.

-After registering you will be able to log in to your Clickpay Dashboard, to initiate a "Test profile".

-After completing your onboarding process successfully with our onboarding team, another "live profile" will be created. 

To know more details about What is Test Profile vs Live Profile? please navigate to the previous solution article.

Step 2 - Understand your Dashboard

Take a tour of your Clickpay Dashboard to discover features and functionalities to grow and build your business.

We have published an updated series of solution articles to assist and guide you with details on how to manage each menu item in your dashboard, please check our "Dashboard Manual" solution articles.

It's highly recommended that you start the onboarding process while testing ClickPay features.

Step 3 - Finish Your Onboarding Process

In this step, you will fill in the required onboarding information and KYC to accelerate activating your Clickpay account. This step can be completed along with the other steps.

To know more about what is the required KYC per your region please check our  What are the required KYC documents to activate/open my account on Clickpay? solution article.

Step 4 - Prepare yourself to Integrate your system with Clickpay. 

Clickpay offers a variety of solutions to integrate their own business/systems with their accounts on Clickpay . Choose what suits your business needs best, whether it is a web application, eCommerce platform, or mobile application. And even if you do not have any online solution, do not worry, we got you covered.

After getting your tour in the dashboard, you can now check out the How To Integrate With Clickpay solution article to choose the suitable integration method according to your business.

Need your credentials (API/SDK/Integration Keys)?

No problems check out How to get my Authentication/Integration/API Keys?

Step 5 - Create something beautiful

It's your turn now to integrate your system based on the choice you made with the platform you prefer. You have the tools and the potential to create something beautiful.

Here are some important topics you should know before starting your integration:

Don't have enough experience to integrate?

Don't worry, we got your back. We have partnered up with an integration company that has experience in integrating Clickpay into merchant platforms. If you're interested, please fill out the form on the link below and we'd be glad to connect you to our partner integrator. The prices are included below.

Clickpay Paid Integration Service Partnership 

This is not a service provided by Clickpay.

Step 6 - Testing the Integration and Troubleshooting any Issues

Along with the last step, you will need to get access to the test cards, logs, and the common issues that you may face and how to solve them. which can be accessed as clarified below:

1- For the testing cards that will be used to test the payment process itself in your test profile please check our What are the test cards available to perform payments? solution article.

2- Then, you will need to access debug logs that will enable you to check the errors that occur during the integration process for faster handling and debugging. To know more about this please check our What is the API Debug Logs? solution article.

3- After this, you will need to know what is the sort of issues that you may face (or have a record for it in the mentioned API debug log) and how to trace them to solve them. For which, we provide you with the "Troubleshooting Your Issues/Errors" section, which will empower you to fix most issues without seeking any external assistance.

Also, you should know that to seek any needed assistance with a minimum effort, Clickpay provides a round-the-clock "Solutions Portal" that includes so many articles that can walk you through any situation or inquiry, for example

  • "The How to & The What Is (FAQ)" section contains the technical and non-technical FAQs, 
  • The "How to Integrate with Clickpay?" section contains all available methods to integrate with the fully detailed documentation

Step 7 - Going Live

By now (and after completing your onboarding process) you can confidently call your account manager/RM representative asking for Going Live, once confirmed, you can change your profile to the live one and use the associated API/SDK Keys to it and start accepting real payments.

Congratulations and we wish your online business every success with Clickpay.