Most probably this error happened because of ClickPay system found that the sent request information had been submitted with the same details (cart_id, amount, currency, profile_id) within less than 2 minutes. 



How to investigate the reason that caused this error?


You can investigate the reason for such an error from the "API debug log", by navigating to the Developer’s menu > Testing > API Debug Logs (within your desired profile).

Or you may get the error directly from the response payload sent from ClickPay according to your sent request.

ClickPay API Endpoints and Mobile SDKs

Reason #1: The same request was sent more than once within 2 minutes


This means that your sent request payload contains the same “cart_id”, “cart_currency”, “cart_amount”, “profile_id”, which was the same as another request sent within the last two minutes, which made ClickPay refuse to proceed it as precaution action to not create the same payment for the same customer twice.


To avoid this make sure that each payment request payload has unique cart information.

eCommerce Plugins

Reason #1: You are using an old version of the plugin


Most likely all of these issues have already been handled from our side, that's mean that you are using an old version. You will need to upgrade your plugin to avoid this issue.

For upgrading your plugin please seek the section called "How to upgrade the ClickPay plugin to the latest version?" in your used plugin solution article from our "eCommerce Plugins" solution category, and follow the steps carefully. 

You don't need to have a technical background to perform such a step

If you are using the latest version and yet the issue still persists, in this case, and as these plugins are developed and maintained from our side, just email us on ( mentioning the issue, Plugin name, and exact version, screenshot of the issue appearing to the customers, as long as your account/profile id with the country name you are operating from.