Most probably this error happened because the cardholder (your customer) is required to use a card that 3DS activated from his issuer bank which required a pass the 3DS authentication (OTP) for each payment to proceed.

This means that he either has entered the wrong OTP (One Time Password) or triggered the cancel option on the 3DSecure page.

In this article you will be going to know about:

How to investigate the reason that caused this error?

 You can check the "Response Code" in the transaction screen from the Transactions menu. Also, you can check the 'Response Status' under the "AUTHENTICATION" tab.

Usually, the ECI value for this kind of error will be either 07 or 00

Reason #1: The cardholder passed a wrong/not-matched OTP

This means that the cardholder (your customer) entered a not valid/matched OTP code on the 3DS authentication level, which cause the payment to terminate.

You should know that such as code is sent to the customer's phone number directly from his issuer bank, and ClickPay has nothing to do with this step.

Kindly guide your customer to make sure of entering a valid OTP code or contact his bank if the issue still persists.

Reason #2: The cardholder canceled the 3DSecure step

This means that the cardholder (your customer) on the step that he must enter the OTP sent to him from the bank, he just clicked on cancel, closed the page, or even lost the connection at all and didn't proceed with this step, which makes the bank considered this authentication stage as failed and throw this error.

Kindly guide your customer to make sure that he has a stable connection and clicks submit/ok after entering the valid OTP and wait for the system to redirect him back without closing the page/tab.