ClickPay plugins make the integration with the ClickPay payment gateway very easy by providing a ready-made and easy-to-install plugin that enables you to be ready and go with a few steps to get you up and running with your business.

In this solution article, you will learn how to allow customers to use any of the card payment methods associated with your profile, even if they selected a specific type. In other words, if they select the Mada payment method, for example, they will be able to pay with Visa and MasterCard as well.

This configuration option is supported in all the card payment methods such as credit cards, Meeza cards, Mada cards, ... and so.

  1. From the OpenCart admin panel, go to the "Extensions" menu, then select "Extensions" from the dropdown menu. 
  2. After that, select "Payments" from the dropdown list to locate the ClickPay extension as shown below:
  3. A list of all the payment extensions will display.
  4. Then, a list of all the payment extensions will display. You will have to click next the blue edit button next to the payment method you want to configure.

    If it's not editable, then this means that you need to activate this payment method by clicking the green plus button next to the edit button and wait for the activation to complete.

  5. Finally, choose whether to enable the "Allow associated methods" to accept all associated methods of the current method or not.
  6. You will have to save your configuration information by clicking on the blue save icon button on the top left of the configuration, as shown below: