ClickPay always aims to provide a good quality service to its merchants, not only in the integration part but also after integration services. One of these services is allowing the merchants to have the IPNs log, which empowers them to check their IPNs/Callback status. 

You can access your transaction IPN logs by following the below steps in your ClickPay dashboard:

  1. Navigate to your "Transactions" menu in your ClickPay dashboard.
  2. Choose the transaction you want to check its IPN/Callback.
  3. Under the "Notes" tab you can see the non-delivered IPNs with the header status response as shown below:

  4. You can also check the full IPNs tries list by clicking on the IPNs icon on the top right corner of the transaction screen next to the close button, as shown above, you will be directed to the IPNs view.
  5. In the IPNs view, you can check all the triggered IPNs with the exact date/time, format, duration, and response received from the provided external URL, you may need to hover over the result to see the full message.

It's worth mentioning that these are the responses that have been delivered from the provided external URL, ClickPay has nothing to do with this. For any undelivered IPN/Callback please check our (E): Receive a blank response (or no response at all) via your return/callback URLs solution article, which will walk you through how to make sure that this issue is not from ClickPay side.

In case you faced any issue that you need technical assistance to solve, try our fully detailed "Troubleshooting Your Issues/Errors" category which will allow you to trace and solve your issues on your own without seeking any assistance.