Merchant dashboard allows the user to extract transactions report to get information about financial transactions including sales, declines, and cancelled transactions.

Transactions Section 

It lists each transaction by transaction reference, type, class, Merchant ID, Date, Currency, amount, status... etc.  

Find the below detailed instruction for the reports:

  1. Go to Transaction section, click on the search sign then click on advance tab.

  2. You can choose any field you want and search.
  3. Once you get the results, you can filter them in the system or download them as excel file.

    Transactions can be filtered by: authorized only, Cart ID, Email & Date

Reports Section

Also, there is another way from the reports section in the dashboard which includes three-step process: From Reports panel in dashboard menu,

  1. Create report layout 
  2. Configure report generation, and 
  3. View/receive generated reports.
    • click on Report, then click on layout
    • click on the (+) sign to add new report layout

    • choose the fields that you would like to appear in the report and drag them to the other column, name the layout, then click on "Add"

    • Now, go back to the reports section, then click on "settings"

      Now, you can choose your report settings, when you want this report to be generated to you ((daily, weekly, or monthly), report format (xls or csv) and email of the report recipient.

For each report, you need to click "enabled”, then choose the layout and the format.

You can use one layout for all of them or you can create different layout based on your need.

Report can also be protected with a password, if required

View generated report: