To configure your Apple Pay certification in your merchant dashboard for SDK usage purposes,

simply follow the steps:

1- Generate CSR via your ClickPay merchant dashboard

  • Click on ➕ to add a request for the certificate.

  • Wait for the process to be finished, then download the certificate file.

2- Create an Apple Pay certificate via your account on Apple Developer

  • Navigate to the Certificates, Identifiers & Profiles, then click on Add certificate button.

  • Check the "Apple Pay Payment Processing Certificate" option, under the section Services, then click the Continue button.

  • Choose the Merchant ID from the dropdown list, then click on the Continue button.

  • Click on Create Certificate button under the section Apple Pay Payment Processing Certificate.

  • Click on Choose File to select the certificate file you downloaded from ClickPay portal in step 1, then click on Continue button.

  • Download your certificate to your Mac, then double click the .cer file to install in Keychain Access.

3- Upload your certificate to ClickPay portal.

  • Navigate to ClickPay Certificate Management.
  • Enter the Merchant ID under the section COMPLETE CERTIFICATE REQUEST, then choose the .cer file you downloaded in step 2 and click on the Save button.

Congratulations, your certificate request was completed successfully, your ClickPay profile is now ready for doing payment using Apple Pay.