1EAuthentication Failed
2EInvalid request
3EInvalid profile ID
4EDuplicate request
5ERequest limit exceeded
100ETransaction cost or currency not valid
101ECart ID not valid
102EDescription not valid
103EName not valid
104EAddress not valid
104ECountry not valid
105EEmail not valid
106EPhone number not valid
107EPhone number not valid
108EIP address not valid
109EInvalid transaction mode
110EInvalid transaction type
111EInvalid transaction class
112EMethod/Class/Currency combination not supported
113EInvalid transaction reference
114EAmount differs from original
115EOriginal transaction not authorised
116EOriginal transaction already voided
117EOriginal transaction mismatch
118EAmount greater than available balance (we received this when attempting to capture an already captured tran)
119EOriginal transaction can not be voided
120EPrevious transaction is on hold
121ETransaction mode differs from original
122DContinuous authority not available on referenced transaction
123ECity not valid
200EInvalid card number
201EInvalid card expiry date
202EInvalid card security code (CVV)
203EInvalid account
204EPrevious transaction in use
205EInvalid payment method
206DCurrency mismatch
207EInvalid terminal
208EInvalid return url
209EInvalid merchant token
211EProfile mismatch
212EPermission Denied
213DCard does not match filter
214ETerminal invalid request
215ETerminal unable to process request
216EInvalid refund mode
300DNot authorised (we received this when attempting to do a 3 days delayed capture of an auth tran)
301DCard expiry date required
302DCard expired/Incorrect expiry date
303DCard is for ATM use only
304DCard security code (CVV) required
305DCard security code (CVV) mismatch
306DAddress verification (AVS) mismatch
307DCard security code (CVV) and address (AVS) mismatch
308DCard is not enabled for e-commerce
309D3DSecure authentication not available for this card
310D3DSecure authentication rejected
311DCard cancelled
312DNo/invalid account
313DTransaction not permitted by issuer
314DNot authorised
315DNot authorised
316DInsufficient funds
317DBlocked by acquirer
318XAuthorisation expired
319DUnable to void
320DUnable to refund
322DNot supported by acquirer
323DCard limits exceeded
324DTerminal limits exceeded
325DMerchant limits exceeded
326DAccount limits exceeded
327DOTP timeout
328DRefund request not approved
329DDeclined by card issuer
330DUnable to capture
331DMinimum financed amount violation
332DWallet customer not found
333DOTP is invalid
334DUnable to retrieve details from processor
335DTransaction type not supported by acquirer
336DTrading suspended
337DRefund declined by acquirer
338DAuthentication not available
339DOTP attempts exceeded
340DNot registered for OTP
341DTransaction time exceeded
342DRefund balance exceeded
400EInternal system error
401ENo response
402EError connecting to service provider
601HOn Hold